Happy Summer!

Abbi Grace Designs

You look at your daughter and you see what she can become...her creativity in play, her joy in the simple days. She is the laughing, twirling realization of your dreams come true. 
I see fabric the same way. I look at the soft drape of cloth and see my own daughter with sunlight in her hair and a smile on her face as she runs, laughs, and plays. Although I've always loved designing clothes, my daughter is the inspiration behind Abbi Grace Designs dresses. 

My vision at Abbi Grace Designs is to create modest clothing that helps young girls enjoy the innocent days of childhood just a little longer. I design my simple,  comfortable,  pull-over dresses in fun prints to match their easy-going, carefree days.

And for mamas, these fabrics are easy wash and wear, so your days can be simpler too. 
Each dress is hand-sewn and American made. 
Questions? I can be contacted at abbigracedesigns@gmail.com

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